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Having friends on tumblr is really great. I often refer to you guys in real life as “my friend from england/australia/california/new york” and it makes people think I’m very well traveled when really I’ve just spent a lot of time on the Internet.

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me: hey i’m kinda good at this writing thing
*reads other people’s writing*
me: i am a literary potato

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i fear for myself when the hobbit trilogy ends





Actually, most of us would love speak another language but our education system sucks so we literally learn 4 words. It’s not because we are all lazy.

Seriously. In the american public education system, on the east coast, at least, you MUST take two years of a language, sometimes four. 

So get that lazy asswipe shit out of here, motherfucker. 

I will scream about this to the day I die, but (I’m a westcoaster by the way) I was denied, DENIED a language class because, and I repeat, because I could only attain a C in English. Yep, my school told me that because I could not get a higher grade in English, that I wasn’t smart enough to learn Spanish or French. At this point in my life, I had already learned Basic Japanese and Latin on my own, and here’s the real kicker, I SPENT A WHOLE SUMMER AS A FOREIGN EXCHANGE STUDENT TO THAILAND BETWEEN 9TH AND 10TH GRADE, but no, I wasn’t good enough for Spanish or French.

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hey there!! i hope i'm not bothering you with this or anything but recently i started noticing in a lot of fan works that a lot of people tend to ignore that bilbo is actually fat/overweight??? idk i see him as skinny in a lot of fanart and when he's not is always so he can be ~sad and self conscious~ about it, you know? i just wanted to know how you feel about this since you're really passionate about bilbo :/


i feel sO passionately about the subject like you would not believe & ive decided to break up my answer into several sections because ive been thinking about it for a while & this fandom’s take on bilbos body is really overall awful


in canon, bilbo is fat. thats just how it is. thats how tolkien wrote it. theres no negotiation. to prove it, ive gotten some quotes from the book itself

  1. They are inclined to be fat in the stomach; they dress in bright colours (chiefly green and yellow);…” from an unexpected party
  2. Little bunny is getting nice and fat again on bread and honey, he chuckled. “Come and have some more!” from queer lodgings
  3. "Mind Bilbo doesn’t eat all the cakes!" they called. "He is too fat to get through key-holes yet!" from a short rest


i cant say a lot about this because theyre headcanons & peoples headcanons can be whatever they want and its none of my business, but there seems to be a trope within the fandom that has bilbo being self conscious about his body so the person hes being paired with can be lovey dovey and fix him. which really isnt possible unless you want to say that bilbo isnt like most hobbits - since most hobbits want to be fat. they like to be fat. they enjoy their food without feeling bad about it afterward. & im not going to call you wrong for having a headcanon like that but „„ god….


the facts are that most people who draw bilbo do not make him fat nor do they even make him seem the littlest bit pudgy, and when they do its probably in some comic talking about how bilbo self loathes. so yea, people ignore the canon that states that bilbo is fat and when they give attention to it, its in a really fucking awful way. theres also the fem!bilbo fanart that has her as a delicate twig, in case no one has noticed how all fanart of fem!bilbo is like that. & i want to go ahead and say that not everyone ignores it, i kno, please dont come to me talking about ur faves who draw him how he should be drawn because i know. this is a post calling out the bullshit other people do.

what this all means:

its erasure. its prejudice. its misunderstanding actual fat people. when everyone has headcanons and fanart about bilbo being self conscious so that person b in their otp can help him love himself says that a) if you ARE fat, youre using your NEGATIVE feelings to fuel a ship b) if you are NOT fat, youre thinking that all fat people must hate themselves & need someone whose not fat to help them actually love themselves instead of, i dont know, them doing it themselves ??? when all your fanart has bilbo skinny without any hint of his double skin or pudgy thighs, youre not liking his body. you are shaming fat people by taking away their actual fucking body and morphing it into something thats more pleasing to you. i dont really need to explain why thats awful.

overall, my point is that the hobbit fandom is shit to bilbo. as a happy fat person that actually likes his body, i would enjoy a canonically overweight character without people drowning him in headcanons about hating himself or just taking away the actual possibility of those headcanons by making him skinny. 

its shit. this is how i feel about it. & i really want people to know this so that it could stop. bilbo baggins does not hate his body. bilbo baggins is not skinny. hes perfectly happy because his body fits the general norm for hobbits. thats that.




garnet is black

amethyst is not white

steven is mixed

pearl is white yall can have her

actually no pearl is east Asian seeing as the majority of her outfits are based on east Asian culture. literally none of the gems are white.

none of them are white

racists can cry and send me their tears

I got really confused cause I’m all Garnet s red, Amethyst is Purple and Steven isn’t even a stone…..oh

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